Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Day Two of the "Joy of Love" Photography class was to capture...

"How They Look"

I was excited to do this particular assignment so that I could photograph my husband. He's not one for having his picture taken, but he happily obliged for the sake of "homework".

I wanted to capture some of his distinct features...
like his eyes - a piercing shade of blue-ish, gray-ish, green...
and his Fabulous Gray hair. He's not called "Silver Fox" for nothin'!
And most distinct feature of all, his Cleft Chin, which he has generously passed on to our two boys. I think he looks SO HOT in this shot.

However, even though I LOVE all those sexy distinct features of his, this is usually "How He Looks"...
Almost ALWAYS with sunglasses on. Whenever we're having our picture taken outside, I ALWAYS have to plead with him to take them off.

Then there's my first born - Lucien. He gets his Green Eyes from his PaPa Faucheux.
I just LOVE that single. tiny. Freckle. on his right check. I just want to eat it.
And of course, the Cleft Chin.

Then, there's my baby, Grey. He was napping when I was taking the above shots, and by the time he woke up, my DSLR camera battery had died. So his One shot was done with my Point & Shoot.

He has the Cleft Chin, though not as prominent as his brother. He also has a dimple in his left cheek - don't know where he gets that from. But the one feature he has that defines "How He Looks", is his head of blonde curls. Actually, it's more of a Mullet of blonde curls. He's going to need his First Haircut soon... I will be so sad to cut his "Babyness".

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Allison {A Glimpse Inside} said...

I am doing this too but haven't posted anything yet. I have to wait for my hubby to come home from work in order for me to do anything, so by the time I take them, edit them, and what not... it's late.

Hopefully, tonight I will be able to post day 1 and day 2 together.

Great pics btw.

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