Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Did you know that you can get photo canvases at the Drug Store? Well I didn't, until recently when a friend mentioned to me that CVS now offers Gallery Wrapped Canvases. I didn't think much of it because I had been pretty loyal to an online company. But after having a recent issue with them, I thought I would give the Drug Store a try.

I just happened to go to the CVS website one day earlier this month, and they just happened to be running a 25% off special. I had recently taken a way cute pic of my boy's bare feet, and I thought it would be perfect for their bathroom. See...!!
With the 25% off special, I was able to get a 16x20 canvas for under $35. And since I had it shipped to my local store, the shipping was Free! When I went to pick them (yes, them - I ordered two) up today, I was pleasantly Impressed with what I got for the money.

First, the colors were spot on with the original pic (that was the issue I had with the other company).
Second, it was a nice 1.25" thick.
Third, the corners were wrapped Amazingly TIGHT!
And Fourth, the backing was Incredible!! Nicely finished with hangers already attached.
Here's the other one I ordered. I love it's odd size - 12x18 ($27 with special discount). It hangs above the commode.

So, if you are looking for a NICE Gallery Wrapped Canvas... Give CVS a Try!!

Friday, March 2, 2012


So, the First day of March brought 70 degree weather, which meant (to me anyway), I could finally do some of the spray painting projects I had been dreaming about all winter.

The first one I wanted to do was inspired by (yet again) something I had seen on Pinterest. Go here to see my Inspiration... and here's my version.
It started out like this... your typical brass candlestick and a simple white plate - both found at my local Goodwill.
After a couple of coats of Gloss Red paint and some E6000 glue, I had my own "Soap" stand.
Now I just need to get some pretty containers for my soaps. I've seen a couple of "how to's" for turning mason jars into soap dispensers, so I'm pretty sure there's another project coming in the near future.

The second thing I painted was a new Cake Plate Stand. I found this silver candlestick at Goodwill for $2, and the plate was from someone leaving it at our house after a party and never coming back to claim it. I joined them using E6000 glue.
I was a little worried about the dark trim around the rim of the plate, but after a few coats of primer, it was no problem.
And Voila...
I had the green paint already, so this little project only cost me the two bucks.

And then the best part...

I found the glass Dome at Goodwill for $5. I so can't wait to do a little baking now that I have something pretty to show it off on.


Since moving into our new house last month, I have HATED the fact that there is no light over the kitchen sink. I'm old (well, older). I need light to see what I'm doing. But a few months ago, while perusing Pinterest, there were a few things I had pinned that could help with this lighting problem.

So, after seeing this for Inspiration and then this tutorial, I was determined to make my own.
I didn't really follow the tutorial, since I was using a new jar, but I got the gist of it. I cut a hole in the lid with a box cutter, after punching a bunch of holes with a nail. Then I used a light kit that I had from Ikea.
I found the plant holder at a flea market. I had hoped to find an old rusty one, but this works just fine.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! And, it provides a TON of lighting for me when I am working at the sink.

So Easy! So Cheap! So Cute! So Functional!!
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