Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Day Nine of the "Joy of Love" Photography class was to capture...

"Passions & Hobbies"

My Husband is definitely a "Fall"... and I don't mean his "Colors". He lives for two things that cooler weather brings - Football and Hunting. As soon as the Super Bowl was over Sunday night, he said... "I can't wait to next season!" Well not really, because his Pro-Football season ended once the reigning Super Bowl Champs, the New Orlean Saints, didn't make it to the NFC Championship. But anyway, I digress. Basically he LOVES Football and Hunting. So I decided to focus on the Hunting Passion, since there is a prime example of it hanging over my fireplace.

Don't you love how I captured the "Catch-Light" in it's beautiful brown glass eye?
I took these pictures yesterday afternoon around 4:30 and the lighting in this part of our great room was perfect.... so... I also took these way cute pics of the boys.

They thought it was hilarious to be sitting way up there.

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