Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Valentine's Day is next week, and for once, I am WAY ahead of the game.  Due to all the snow days we had in January, we were able get my boys' Valentines for their classmates ready a few weeks ahead of schedule.  I followed this quick little tutorial and used it's templates.

Here are the supplies, after they had all been cut out (by hand - the masks were a real b*@#^).  I did use my Cricut to cut out the two-tone hearts.

Everything needed for one "Super Sucker"

Quite the little army I had going

I had to make 35 total...

Interesting perspective...

All the Super Sucker Heros lined up ready for duty...

Suuuuupppppeeeerrrrrr Suuuuuuccckkkkkeeeerrrrrr

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!

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