Tuesday, February 1, 2011


For the month of February, I have signed up for a FREE online photography class called...

Day One - "What They Do"...

Today's Prompt was to capture a loved one doing "What They Do".

My Hubby getting ready to head out for the day. He's an outside salesperson for a flooring distributor. Really HARD job to have and keep due to the current economy, but he KICKS ASS!!!
Nothing really special about this pic, but the lighting is great, and I LOVE the color of his hair. He's been gray since his teen years, and it helps people think he's older than me, when in actuality, I'm 8 years old than him. Sorry, if that was TMI. LOL!!

Now, for my other Loves, well...
they climb!! And yes, the bookshelf is bolted to the wall. They have a huge sliding glass door in their room, so there is wonderful natural lighting.

And, they also play.

This is actually a rare moment of them playing "Well" together. About 10 minutes after this picture was taken, I missed photographing another RARE moment, when they actually PICKED UP the blocks. That NEVER happens!!

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