Monday, July 9, 2012


At the end of this month, my children and I are traveling (via airplane) to New Mexico to visit my parents.  In order to entertain my boys while on the plane, I plan to show them a movie on my laptop.  Now I know, I could just take a portable DVD player (which would be smaller). But on this trip, I plan on taking LOTS of pictures, so I will need my laptop in order to edit them... because, with my Editing Addiction, there is just no way I could wait until I got back home to edit.

So... I don't want to have to carry my huge computer bag (along with a camera bag, a carry-on, two small children, their backpacks, and an umbrella stroller).  I decided I would make a little protective pouch for the laptop, that I can just slide into my carry-on.  

I knew I probably didn't have enough of one single fabric to construct the entire thing (at least not one that I Loved), but I knew I had TONS of scraps that I Loved, left over from all the purses I made last year for my (now defunct) Etsy shop and my booth at our local Farmer's Market.

After going through all my scraps, and doing a little math, I determined that I needed (44) 3.25" X 4.5" rectangles to construct what I had in mind.  This is what I came up with...

a 9.75" X 14.25" X 1.25" pouch with a fold over flap.  The entire thing is padded with interfacing, and the inside is lined with soft white felt.

I started going through my fabric stash yesterday morning, while doing some laundry, with no intention on working on a project that day.  But as I started pulling the fabrics I loved, figuring out how to construct it, and realizing I already had everything I needed, I just couldn't stop myself.  Before I knew it (by dinnertime), it was done.

So Cute, So Fun, So Colorful, So Funtional, and best of all... SO FREE!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have been working on the wall space above my desk every since we moved in six months ago.  Well, not really working on it... but thinking, designing and planning it.  Then, due to the Incredible heat we've been experiencing here in Central Virginia, I had the perfect excuse to stay in my Craft Cave (which is in the basement) and finish up a bunch of projects I had started over the last couple of weeks.  I'm so glad I did, because after I got it all hung yesterday, I just LOVE it!!

One of the projects was the magnetic bulletin boards.  

There are two of them, and they started out looking like this...

I found, what I'm assuming are cookie trays, at Goodwill for $.50 each, a couple of months ago.  I loved their textured pattern, so I bought them not really knowing, at first, what I would do with them.  Then it dawned on me that they would make great magnetic bulletin boards for my "Office" Collage.  I spray painted them white, and then took some old magnets, I had from Ikea, and either covered them with fabric or added fabric/felt flower embellishments.  They work perfect!
Another project was inspired by something I had seen a Long time ago in a craft blog Linky party.  I had seen this cute way of displaying pictures, and the idea really stuck with me. I just had to find the perfect frame.

Then, I was lucky enough to find this one at Goodwill.

After a couple heavy coats of white spray paint, and a roll of way cute contact paper from the Dollar Tree, I had what I had envisioned from the original inspiration.

Now, I'm not usually one for Inspirational sayings, but when I saw this one on Pinterest, it really struck a chord with me.  I used an old photo canvas, primed and painted it, and then using my trusty Cricut, cut out the letters.  Now if only I can follow it's advice.

This cute little initial is actually from a friend's wedding invitation from back in 2000.  I've saved it for 12 years, knowing someday, I would eventually do something with it.  The frame, I made probably 15 or so years ago.  It's made out of miniature bricks, which when I decided to use it as part of my collage, I spray painted white.

This funky artwork is also from a wedding.  It was actually the envelope for their invitation to their wedding in Hawaii.  I think I've been saving it for about 3 years.  I just loved the design.

This artwork is a pencil drawing I did the summer after I graduated college some 20+ years ago.  It was from a black & white magazine ad, but I can't remember what it was advertising.  The paper is starting to yellow, but it's one of my most favorite things I've ever drawn.  It also hung in both my boy's nurseries.

And finally, my new Lamp!  I found the lamp, back in February, at a garage sale for $10.  I LOVE the big chunky base and the over sized shade.  I think the whole thing overall, stands like 3' tall.  In this picture, it is sitting on a filing cabinet next to the desk, which is 8" shorter.  When I got it, I knew eventually, I wanted to try my hand at covering the shade, I just had to find the right fabric first.  And I think I did!  It's fun, funky, graphic and colorful!!

I just LOVE how everything turned out, and how nothing matches.

Every time I come upstairs, I have to stop and look at it all.  It just makes me SMILE :)

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