Thursday, December 12, 2013


Look at my new Dining Room Light!!  Isn't it Fabulous???

I LOVE IT!!!  And I made it all by myself!!

I found this tutorial through Pinterest, and once we started working on the B.A.R. (Big Ass Room) - we recently painted all the brown paneling a lovely shade of gray and the honey toned baseboards/casings bright white, I knew this little DIY project would be perfect.

I did have one minor setback... It's Winter... Beach balls do not exist in stores in Virginia in the Winter.  So I had to order one from Amazon.  I was so frustrated that I had to WAIT.

Finally the ball arrived, and that following Saturday morning, I got up CRAZY early (like 4:30) to start working on it, before the two little people in my house woke up.

These first two photos are not that great because it's still dark out, and I'm in my basement.  These are the supplies that are needed, along with some warm water and a light kit.  I used one that I had from Ikea, from an old Japanese lantern.

So I followed the tutorial, and hung the ball so it would be easier to wrap the twine.  The only way I could see to hang it was by the rubber air stop thingy.  Well, after about 1/3 of the twine was wrapped, I guess the ball got to heavy, and the air stop thingy came open, and the ball started to DEFLATE.  


Well, I couldn't let my project be completely destroyed, so despite all the glue/cornstarch mixture, I put the ball up to my face and started blowing.  Whew, project saved!!  And my face, mouth and tongue were covered in glue.  Yuck, but totally worth it!!

That little fiasco actually worked out for the best, because it turned out to be much easier to just have the ball lay on an old sheet while I finish wrapping the twine.  Then I had to wait 24 hours.

And it was so worth the wait...

If you need a cute light fixture for somewhere in your home, I highly recommend this project!!  So easy, for such a huge impact.
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