Thursday, February 3, 2011


Day Three of the "Joy of Love" Photography class was to capture...

"Then and Now"

I've only know my husband for about eight years, so we haven't changed that much - other than us both gaining weight. Since I don't think he would appreciate me taking pics of his love handles, for this assignment, I will focus on my children.

My oldest, Luke, arrived almost 3.5 years ago, Seven weeks early. It was a Tuesday... September 11th @ 12:33pm. He weighed 4lbs., 6oz. and was 15" long. He was SOO small. His head was about the size of a medium orange. I thought for the "Then and Now", I would capture the comparison of the Size of his Feet Now to how tiny they were Then.
We took this picture a few days after bringing him home from being in the NICU for three weeks. He was about the same size as his Mother's Heartbeat Teddy Bear.
He's now obviously much larger than that Teddy Bear, but still small for his age, and Totally Healthy!!
Another great thing about this particular photo, is that it documents his love of his brother's crib. We cannot keep him out of it. He thinks it is his own personal trampoline.

My youngest, Grey, arrived 21 months ago, after an easy full term pregnancy. It was a Thursday... May 14th @ 7:58am. He weighed 8lbs. even and was 21" long. We were shocked that he was as big as he was, and it took us awhile to get used to him being a "normal" sized newborn.

It's comical to me to see his footprints compared to his brothers. Plus, his "Now" feet aren't all that much bigger than his "Then" feet.
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