Saturday, November 1, 2014


Have y'all seen this movie???
Well we have!  And the very first time we saw the previews for it, the boys thought BoxTrolls would make great Halloween costumes.  And I was ALL FOR IT - Cheap and Easy!!!

So on one of my days off, a few weeks ago, I started working on costumes for my own Fish and Shoe.

Introducing Fish & Shoe...

We still have all the boxes from when we moved last year, so it was just a matter of finding the right size, which luckily I did.  

For their bodies, I bought them each a pair of grey long johns.  For their ears, I used some left over headbands from my Princess Lea hair buns and covered them with duct tape, sculpting some ears as I went.

The flaps kept wanting to pop open, so I punched some holes and stitched them together.

In the movie, Shoe LOVED eating bugs!  He would put so many in his mouth at one time, that a few would always escape and crawl up his face.  So of course, I had to mimic that with my Shoe's facial artwork.

Fish & Shoe / Shoe & Fish

All ready for Trick-or-Treating!!

It was a very successful night of Trick-or-Treating!  Shoe's first treat was a blue sucker.

I took this last image with my cell phone.  It was rare that one of my children were first to the door.  When I saw this empty porch, with it's light on, I told my youngest to hurry up and go ring the bell...
This photo evokes such Emotion and Nostalgia for me.  It reminds me of my Trick-or-Treat  childhood memories, and it completely makes all the Romantic Dreams come true that I've always had for my own children - a small child, in a handmade costume, ringing the bell and waiting to say... "Trick-or-Treat!!"

Hope y'all had a wonderful Halloween!!

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