Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's the END of March...


Outside my window...


My little Spring Blossoms blend into the background.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I posted this pic of my boys on Facebook, and got lots of comments about it, so I thought I would share it with you.

They're watching "Horton Hears a Who".

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Spring is blooming right outside my bedroom window.

Monday, March 21, 2011


YEAH, it's time again for some fun Holiday Decorating. I didn't really do much for St. Patricks Day, so I was really looking forward to doing something for Easter.

If you've followed my blog for awhile, you know about my little 3' table. I've you're a new follower, I have this small table that sits at our entry, and it's 3' surface is pretty much the only surface I have in my house that allows me to do any kind of decorating upon. To catch you up, this is what I did for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

And now... this is what I've created for Easter.
I'm loving my little Easter Egg Tree.
I spray painted branches from my yard (and as you can see from the photo above - I missed a few spots). I got these fabulous sequined Easter Eggs at Target for $2.50.
The vase and ribbon are from the Dollar Tree, and I used Easter colored jelly beans (that actually taste like Sweet-Tarts) as the stability filler.
My Bunny's Pedestal in it's place of honor.
I'm totally luvin my Bunny Specimen Art. I used Easter Bunny Confetti that I got at Hobby Lobby on sale for $.50. I only used 9 out of a pack of about 50. Need to think about what to do with the rest of them.
The three little wood Bunnies in the back are from Joanne's, and of course my bird from the Dollar General.
I think my wall art is very unique.
This has got to be my favorite part of the whole display. I already had the white frame and mat, and I got the filigreed cut felt Easter Egg at Joanne's in the Dollar Bin section. So the item that makes the biggest impact in the whole vignette only cost me a $1.00.
This Happy Easter pillow is something I cross-stitched and made about 15 years ago. I hung it using a push pin.
If you noticed above, I added another little bunny to my Bunny Pedestal. He's from one of my miniature gardens.

Happy Easter!!!

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Well, I raided my fabric scraps again, and made this Rag Wreath for Easter.
Just like my St. Pat's wreath, I used a wire hanger, only this time I shaped it into a square...
and cut the fabric to 1" x 7" strips.
I thought it looked more interesting hanging on the diagonal.

Happy Easter!!!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


What do you think of my new shoes?
Aren't they really pretty in the sunlight?
A couple of different times, while cruising through BlogLand, I've seen where ladies have spray painted their shoes. And I thought... "ooooooh, I want to do that too." And so I did.
I got a pair of $10 white flats at Walmart, and a can of Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze (Gloss) spray paint. I cut off the little ties that were there, and added the bias tape bows.

Don't they look like something Snow White would have worn? Or better yet... Little Bow Peep?

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And what exactly is a "Bunny's Pedestal", you ask? Well I'll show...
but first let me introduce you to the bunnies.

Are these not the cutest little bunny rabbits you've ever seen?
I found them at Joann's, and thought they were just too adorable to pass up.
I knew I wanted to make them part of my Easter decor, but because of their miniature stature, they would need something to help them have more presence.

I had recently made a custom purse for a customer from my Etsy shop, and used this beautiful quatrefoil patterned fabric. So that was my jumping off point. I rifled through my other craft supplies and came up with these components...
fabric, chipboard, 1" wood beads, and some pom-pom trim I pulled off an old gift bag.

The first thing I did, was to glue the wood beads together.
Then I cut out six circles from the chip board.
I cut the two largest circles the same size - they would become the top of the pedestal. The other four were progressively smaller - they would become the base of the pedestal. I made the initial cut with my Fiskars cutting tool, but due to the thickness of the chipboard, I had to finish the cuts with a pair of scissors. ( I could have done this much easier with my Cricut, but I have yet to purchase a deep-cutting blade).
Because I didn't have a clean edge from the scissors' cut, I sanded down the edges a little.
Then I glued the four smaller circles together to create a little dimension to the pedestal's base.
Then I glued the wood bead stack to the base.
After gluing the two larger circles together, I glued them to the top of the stack.
I traced around the top circles onto the fabric, and cut it out.
Now, all the steps above were done about a week ago. Then, my poor little unfinished pedestal, had to sit around and wait for the weather to get warmer, so the next step could be completed.

Finally, yesterday, the temperature got above 65, and my little pedestal got a couple coats of white spray paint.

Then today, I completed the final steps. First I got out the Mod Podge...
and glued the fabric to the top...
then applied a coat of Mod Podge on top of the fabric to act as a sealant.
Once that dried, it was time to add the pom-pom trim.
Using fabric glue, I ran a bead of glue around the thin
edge of the chipboard and attached the trim.

Tah-Dah... A Bunny's Pedestal!

Don't they look cute and happy up on their little perch?

I can't wait to put together my Easter decor and set them in a Place of Honor.

I think after the holiday, this will also make a perfect little Cupcake Stand.

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