Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Today, I committed a crime.  Well actually, I committed two - trespassing and robbery.

For the last two years I have seen a random stack of wood pallets lying along the side of the road in a field.  Was anyone really going to miss them?  I decided, NO!  So, along with the help of friend, we ignored the No Trespassing sign, and helped ourselves to seven of them.  May actually go back for more at some point.

Stay tuned for all the projects I have planned for these babies...


After seeing these on Pinterest, I thought... "I can do that".  This shop sells them for $15, but I had some leftover Mason jars from my Hillbilly Wineglasses, and I knew I could get some spoons at Goodwill for a Quarter a piece.  Definitely cheaper than $15 a pop.  They were using theirs as planters, but I thought I could make cute little votive holders for my little patio area.
I found three different spoons, and then with the help of my neighbor's vice, some pliers, a hammer, and some significant muscle, I created three Spoon Hooks.  My hubbs was kind enough to drill the holes and attach them to the trees for me.

I used white beans inside the jars to stabilize the votives, and some 18 gauge wire to create the hanging loops.

I keep the lids on the jars when the candles aren't lit to keep the rain out.  They add a quirky and creative touch to my little patio.

Patriotic Clothespin Wreath

I have now made two Clothespin wreaths.  The first one was for a friend for her little consignment shop, and now I've made one for myself - specifically for The 4th of July.
After spray painting 54 clothespins white, I used five different scrapbook papers to cover them.  
I placed them randomly around an inside piece of a 6" Embroidery hoop, which I had also painted white
Then for a subtle tribute to the holiday, I added three star cookie cutters.

To hang it, I had bought some patriotic ribbon, but the brightness of the colors didn't work with the soft shades of the paper.  So I took some scrap denim that I had from an old pair of jeans, and using fabric glue, created a 2" wide band to hang it from.

So Excited to now have one of these for myself, and to Finally have some Patriotic decor.
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