Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday, just to get out of the house, we took the boys to Bass Pro Shop to have lunch and see the fish. But of course, we also had to do a little shopping.

This is what we got...
A Stuffed Animal Deer Head.
We got it for the boys room so that they could have a Deer Head just like Daddy's.
There was also a Moose Head, and if it weren't for the price ($30) I would have liked to have both of them.
Isn't it great?

I think it's the perfect addition to their room.

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Sky @ Capital B said...

Your blog makes me smile! My own little guys (and my husband) would love this too! I hear you on the snow too- woke up to white this morning ourselves- boo! Nice that it melts quick at least. The pic of your boys is awesome too- it's a rare moment that I can get my own two together in a photo! Hope to keep up with you better from here :)

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