Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My two little boys have recently discovered the storage drawer under the oven, which is where we store our nesting stainless steel mixing bowls. The other day while I was folding laundry in the bedroom, I heard the clanging of the bowls, and knew that when I came back in to the kitchen, there would be a mess all over the floor - like I have MANY times before.

Much to my surprise, this is what I found...

an orderly line-up. I'm sure my oldest, who has some OCD tendencies, is responsible for this organized display. Of course, I had to snap a shot of it, and then I thought, I could turn it into some modern art.

I went to my favorite photo editing site - Picnik and played around a little bit. These are what I created.

The first one, I just cropped and rotated.
Using that same photo, I did further editing...
this one, I adjusted contrast, boosted color and then went black & white
this one I boosted color, applied the HDR tool and the "Posterized" it
this one, I boosted and then inverted.

What do you think? Would one of these make for some interesting Modern Art?

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