Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today is my Wedding Anniversary. Five years ago, on a carribean beach, I married the man of my dreams. Today, as a surprise for this amazing man, I attempted to make his Grandma's recipe for Red Velvet Cake.

I made the cake AND the icing from SCRATCH!!!!!

To jazz the cake up a little, I added some embellishments.

I served it for dessert after a yummy dinner of Steak, Cauliflower Au Gratin and Salad with homemade Ranch dressing.
Marc said it tasted just perfect.

Our youngest seemed to really like it.

Happy Anniversary Babe!!

I Love you Always & Forever!!

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Unknown said...

Oh boy, I should not have read this post with an empty stomach. That look incredible!! Nothing better than a cake from scratch. Congrats on 5 years and a kiddo too!!

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