Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm sure you all have noticed over the last couple of days, that at the top of the right-hand column there is a "Countdown Clock". Well let me tell you, this little clock is counting down to something about which each and every one of you will be Excited!!! I know I sure am.


OpenSky is a unique selling platform which allows me to have My Own Little Shop. This shop will be filled with items that are favorites of mine and that I LOVE... items for Crafting, Decorating, Fashion, and Kids & Babies - just to name a few categories.

I know, like me, you all probably really enjoy shopping on-line, but miss the connection you have with other people while doing it. Now, through my OpenSky Shop, you can shop online with ME, someone you know and trust, and know that I'm making some really great recommendations for you.

Something Exciting is Coming (Static)

I can't wait to go shopping with you!!!

1 comment:

Jordyn from OpenSky said...

Great intro post! We're excited to have you join the community and can't wait to see your shop up and running! Another great perk of your OpenSky shop will be our 365 day guarantee. Shopping with trust is the best way to shop!

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