Sunday, July 18, 2010


My husband and I, have now lived in our house for six years, and have had children for three of those years. In the years that we've been here, we've done NOTHING to the yard. Our house is situated on a one acre lot, that is mostly wooded. We have some grass, but it's at the top of the driveway which is near the main road, and at the main entrance to our neighborhood. Basically if we do anything outside, it's ALWAYS on our deck. Now granted, our deck is quite large, but there is only so much you can do on it - especially when there are now two toddlers running around. Also, our house is built up on stilts (we live in a lake community - if the lake ever floods... we're set), and you can drive under the house - so that's were we park our cars; tandem style. When we were first pregnant (and actually still up until about 4 months ago) , we had this grandiose vision of enclosing the underside of the house and doubling our living square footage. However, due to serious lack of funds and knowing deep down it would be ridiculous to put that much money into this house, we've let that vision drift away.

But now, we have a NEW VISION! One that is Totally Doable. One that will get us up and off the deck. YEAH!!!!!!

We are creating a Yard more accessible from the house.

This is what the immediate area around the house currently looks like - the "Before".
Basically A LOT of freakin' Gravel!!!!!!

This is what our new Yard Utopia Oasis is going to look like - the "After".

There are 3 main objectives:
1. Build the Pole Barn - this will now be where we park our cars
2. Clear out the underbrush in the Woods
3. Plant Grass

The secondary objectives are:
4. Jungle Gym play area for the boys
5. Extending the Lower Deck
6. Building the Privacy Fence

I cannot even begin to express how EXCITED I am that we will very soon be able to go outside and the boys will be able to play and run wild, like all little boys should be able to do. How wild can you get on an 8' deep deck? Not very, let me tell you.

Things are supposed to get under way this week. I will be sure to post pictures as it comes along.


Leslie Armstrong said...

What a great idea.... Love the plans and can't wait to see pictures of the progress!!!

Dzinebabe said...

I have to laugh, no cad drawing for you we get original "Kristol" sketches. You are the best!
Wow, the plans are awesome. I want to sit right next to the fire pit!

Paula said...

Good for you! How exciting!

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