Sunday, July 18, 2010


This is a BIG week here at the Faucheux household.

This is the week that Luke gets potty trained. Yes, I said "week", and actually, it's only going to take all of 3 Days.

I've got everything ready to go....
Potty Chair, Big Boy Toilet Seat Cover, Flushable Wipes (in "Cars" container of course).
Instruction Manual and 20 pairs of Big Boy Underware... "Cars, Toy Story 3, and traditional Tighty Whiteys... only they're red, blue and camo. As far as Tighty Whitey... well 2T was the smallest size they had... they will by no means be "tight" on my 23lb, almost 3 year old.
Plenty of Fluids...
and PLENTY of Treats and Rewards.

I am going to start on Tuesday, and if all goes as it should (according to the manual), Luke should be Potty Trained by Friday. The really great thing about this, is that the manual recommends doing this training starting at 22mos. (just a Little behind with Luke), which means I can Potty Train Grey in March, and be done with Diapers in 8 Months.

So for 3 Days, I will be UNAVAILABLE. All my Focus, Dedication and Love will be on Luke.
There will be no working out, sewing, being on the computer, talking on the phone, or housework (YEAH!!). So Lynn (winner of the Giveaway), if you're reading this, your new purse won't get to the post office until Friday.

I'll be online only briefly tomorrow because I've got to catch up on my domestic duties and chores, and then completely off the radar until the end of the week.

Wish me Luck, and I'll let you all know how it went next weekend.

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Leslie Armstrong said...

Good luck this week... will be thinking of you and know that Luke will do great!!!

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