Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Last night, I was awakened at 3:00am by my oldest, who wanted something to drink. After helping him quench his thirst, I couldn't go back to sleep, soooo...

I got up and decided to do a little crafting. There were two projects that I had recently "Pinned" on Pinterest that I thought I would like to try to make. And since I already had all the supplies, they would be perfect for a little early morning creativity.

First was a Bird's Nest necklace.
The tutorial for this cute and super easy necklace is here.

Then I made a Poinsettia brooch.
The tutorial for this beautiful festive pin is found here. I did modify the design slightly. When she attached the petals to the backing she just laid them flat. I wanted there to be a little more dimension, so I pinched the one end of the petal before attaching.

After getting my creative juices flowing so nicely this morning, I thought I would also share some other things that I have made after being inspired by the Ever So Wonderful World of Pinterest.

Rosette & Ribbon Bracelet...
The tutorial for this fun, chunky piece of jewelry is here.
Here's a self-portrait of myself wearing one of these bracelets.

Pom-Pom Pendant... I made two of these as Christmas Gifts for my son's teachers.
The simple tutorial for this Way Cute necklace is here. I did do mine a little different than she did. I didn't use a charm. My pendant is actually a full sphere. I did two halves, each attached to a circle of felt, and then glued them together.

Trinket Holders... These are going to be found in my boy's stockings come this Sunday morning.

The tutorial for these adorable little trinket holders is here. I Love the carabiner's that I found with the little compass. They were less than $3 at Walmart. I found them in the Camping department.

Initial Gift Tags...
The inspiration for these simplistic tags came from here.

Pretzel Kisses... I made these this afternoon for my son's little Holiday party at school tomorrow.

The instructions for these little bites of yumminess is here.

and finally...

Coffee Filter Wreath...

I posted about this earlier, but to see how I used plumbing pipe insulation for the wreath form, go here. To keep my form from "kinking", I put a wire hanger inside the insulation.

Be sure to check out my Pinterest Boards and follow me if they interest you. I'm always pinning TONS of DIY projects... many many things to get YOUR Creative Juices flowing.

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Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

Gooood stuff!! Pinterest floors me sometimes. I'm headin' over to check out your boards : ) And I added those Trinket Holders to my own pin board. Those are AWESOME! I have three boys. Must make some!
Jaimee @ craft-interrupted.blogspot.com

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