Thursday, December 8, 2011


Last weekend, starting on Friday, I got everything out and decorated for Christmas. Friday mostly consisted of putting together our artificial tree, which went fairly quickly thanks to the assistance of my little helpers.

Since this is to be our last Christmas in this house (more on that later), I thought I would do a little more decorating than normal. Being that I have two small boys (4 & 2), I don't normally put a lot of things out on low lying flat surfaces. Being that our house is small, we don't actually have a whole lot of low lying flat surfaces.

The first place that I started was my Entry table. This is the only place, other than our mantle, that I decorated last year. The Snowman and J O Y artwork are returning favorites, but everything else is a little different from last year's display.
First up, the branches, which I originally used them in my Easter display. For Christmas, I kept it simple with small red bulbs.

Since these branches are right in front of our security panel, every time we would set the alarm, the branches would get knocked and the ornaments would slide around. To remedy this problem, I simply tied a little green ribbon around the hook and branch.
The table scape has two new pieces... the scrapbook paper Countdown blocks, and the Decorative Tray. I made the Countdown blocks last year, they just weren't originally displayed on this table.
I found this adorable little tray at Dollar General for $1, and added the popular "Elf" movie quote...
Then I decided I wanted to add a little something to our Entry mirror. Originally I was going to do some kind of holiday bunting, but then I went this route. And really, it still has the "bunting" feel.
Santa and his Sleigh...
Flying Reindeer with Rudolph leading the way.
Before we put our house on the market at the beginning of the year, these three little frames had pictures of our three boys. Then to "Stage" the house, I put little Fleur-di-Lis' in them. So for the holiday, they needed something "Jolly".
This was a Christmas Card that we got last year. I LOVED it, and saved it. This year, I put it in a frame - one of the frames I used in my Farmer's Market booth. It's actually plastic - I found it at Goodwill and spray painted it.
This was another Goodwill find. This cute little metal bucket was $1. I added the vinyl saying and fabric rosette, and it works perfect to collect all of the Holiday Cards we will get.
In our dining area of our Great Room, I have these three chunky display shelves. This is the first year I've added any holiday decor to them. On the top shelf, I wanted to display all of the Christmas Cards that I have made over the last five years.
Three of them are displayed via these beautiful bejeweled place card holders... again found at Goodwill for $.50 each.
The other two are displayed using something that inspired me on Pinterest.
A cute little easel made out of a fork. There is an Etsy shop that sells them using Sterling Silver. I'm sure these aren't Sterling Silver... they're $.25 forks from Goodwill.

The bottom shelf (which now, 6 days later, I know was a huge mistake - shiny bulbs and curious little fingers DO. NOT. MIX. I know you're all saying you could have told me so) I kept simple. Colorful bulbs in square glass vases, and little red paper trees in these cute IKEA frames - two I actually got at IKEA, the third at Goodwill. Amazingly I paid the same price at both places - $1.
Have y'all seen this great contact paper at the Dollar Tree? I love the shade of green and the paisley/floral print.

The day I took these pics, our Holiday visitor, Peter J. Tinslesparkle (Elf on the Shelf's cousin), was hanging out on the top shelf.
My Cottonball Cone trees made a re-appearance this year, but displayed a little differently. This year they have been placed on one of my display trays from the Farmer's Market. Again, found at Goodwill, spray painted, and then added vinyl scroll work.
On Sunday, I decided to try to make a Coffee Filter Wreath. For the wreath form, I used plumbing pipe insulation wrapped around a circle formed wire hanger.
The Snowflake, Ribbon, and small Red Ornaments were all purchased at the Dollar General.

I think this entire project cost me just under $7.00
Then on Monday, I found these great little red Snowflakes at Target. They were 4 for $1.
I brought them home and using fishing line, tied them to a little 9" wreath that I found at Goodwill. I didn't want to hot glue them on because I want to be able to use this wreath for other things.

And that's my holiday decor for this year. I didn't show my mantle, because it's the same as last year - nothing new.

Did you change up your Holiday Decor this year.

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sarah c said...

Love the white branches. In Love with the coffee filter wreath! The fork idea is cool I will have to try that. I also pick up frames all the time at Goodwill and paint them :)
I just got stuff to make my own wreath this evening, but wish I had done the coffee filter one.

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