Sunday, April 28, 2013


Back in March, here in Central Virginia, we were hit by a Major Winter Storm.  So major, that it caused us to be without power for EIGHT days!!  Anyway, on day One (not knowing I still have seven days to go), I was ambitious about trying to entertain my boys.  

I had recently Pinned this idea, and I knew I had all the ingredients...

The boys loved making these, and we now make them all the time.  My oldest son had just lost his First tooth the day before, so he made one of his to reflect his missing tooth.

Just two days ago, my husband and I celebrated our Birthdays.  Yes, we share the same Birthday!!  I had ordered him a gift online, but it still hasn't arrived, so he had nothing to open that day.  So after seeing these a couple of days before, I decided I would at least make him a special little Birthday Treat.  

My husband is from New Orleans and loves to eat Crawfish.  We actually have a Crawfish Boil every year around this time.  So when I saw Amy's Crawfish Cakes, I knew they would be perfect for him!

*note:  I did not use edible eyes, because grocery stores in the little town I live in, do not carry anything like that, and I didn't have time to run to Hobby Lobby 45 minutes away.

But still, I think they turned out really cute!!  The Birthday Boy enjoyed them and so did our little guys!! 

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