Sunday, April 28, 2013


WOW, I haven't been on here in a Long, Long, Long time!!  Sorry everyone.  But in my defense, a LOT has been going on in my life since the last time I posted.  

Since then (November), we had the holidays of course, then at the end of January, we decided to unexpectantly move!  I know, crazy right?  So literally three weeks later we moved.  

The house we moved to is a rental, and it hadn't been lived in in a while, so there were a lot of kinks to get worked out... the biggest one being, I wasn't able to do laundry for THREE weeks.  UGH is right!!  Then, literally the day after it was all fixed and I was able to complete ALL our laundry, a Huge winter storm hit, and we were without power for (wait for it) EIGHT DAYS!!!!

After that saga, we have, ever so slowly, finally been able to get settled.  And now after almost three months, it's starting to feel like home.  

Which means, I can get back to my normal crafting and blogging routine... YAY!!!

Now, despite all that craziness I just mentioned above, I did do a little bit of crafting, which I would now like to share with you.  Right after I took down our Christmas decorations, I put out the Valentine decorations (not knowing of course, we would be moved before that holiday even occured).  

Once I had everything out, I thought our fireplace mantle needed a little somethin, somethin!  So, I got out all my fabric scraps - picked through them all searching for everything in pinks and reds, and whipped up this little Cutie!

Using my rotary cutter, I cut strips 1" x 6".  There is probably 15 different patterns that I used, which I randomly tied to a piece of jute.  That's it!  Real Simple!!

I can't wait to hang it next year, here in our new house.

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