Wednesday, June 13, 2012


After seeing these on Pinterest, I thought... "I can do that".  This shop sells them for $15, but I had some leftover Mason jars from my Hillbilly Wineglasses, and I knew I could get some spoons at Goodwill for a Quarter a piece.  Definitely cheaper than $15 a pop.  They were using theirs as planters, but I thought I could make cute little votive holders for my little patio area.
I found three different spoons, and then with the help of my neighbor's vice, some pliers, a hammer, and some significant muscle, I created three Spoon Hooks.  My hubbs was kind enough to drill the holes and attach them to the trees for me.

I used white beans inside the jars to stabilize the votives, and some 18 gauge wire to create the hanging loops.

I keep the lids on the jars when the candles aren't lit to keep the rain out.  They add a quirky and creative touch to my little patio.

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