Wednesday, May 23, 2012


For an End of Year Thank You, I created this Crayon initial for my oldest son's two teachers.  Both teachers have the same initial, so once I figured the first one out, the second one went together quickly.
I bought one box of 64 count, Crayola crayons for Each initial, thinking that would be plenty.  I really should have gotten two 64 count boxes for each.  If I would have had two crayons of each of the colors at the top and the bottom of the letter, I could have created a better shaped letter.  It's just a little off kilter for me.
But regardless of the odd shaped "S", I think they turned out pretty cool.
When I went to pick my son up from school today, Miss Susan had already hung hers up above her desk in her office.  That made me Smile.

I really wanted these two teachers to know how Thankful I am for making this school year for my son, so Very Special.


Brandee Shafer said...

Doesn't look off-kilter to me, at all! Looks great! Did you go to the free Alan Jackson concert in your neck of the woods?

Kristen said...

I have been looking and looking for the brave soul who monogrammed an "S" from Crayons! It's a tricky one. Thank you for the visual. It helps. Would you mind sharing a little info and tips on the steps you did on this for such great success? I have seen some cut out a template and lay the crayons over top, and etc.. What did you do?

Feel free to email me at

or I can check back on this comment thread for your response.


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