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About a year and a half ago, long before I knew anything about Pinterest, and when I was all into the craft blog linky parties, I saw this...
Well the time came... well sort of.  Yesterday, when dropping my oldest off at preschool, I overheard a couple of the parents talking about how many teeth their children have already lost.  I was amazed that these four and young five year olds were already being visited by the Tooth Fairy.  I don't remember losing teeth until I was six or seven.  Luke won't be five until September, but I thought to myself, that I should probably start thinking about getting started on his Tooth Fairy Door.

So after laying down to try to take a nap (to avoid changing the sheets on the kids bed), I got up and started going through my craft and miniature supplies to see if I could make this without a trip to the craft store.  Still avoiding changing the sheets, I found that I had everything I needed, so I jumped right in.  I stayed up until 1:00am working on it and then put on the finishing touches this morning.

What do you think?
All the ones that I've seen online were created using pre-made doors from Hobby Lobby.  But since I wanted to save a trip to the big city (and money), I made my own door - including casings, jamb, and threshold.
No door would be complete without a door knob... besides how is the fairy supposed to get in?
I even had some hinges in my miniature stash.
When the door is opened, a Tooth Tote hangs on a tiny brass nail.  All ready to hold it's first Tooth.
I decided that the door needed to have the boy's initials, so the Tooth Fairy would know who she was visiting.
Since my boys are very "hands on" kind of boys, I couldn't place the door by their bed, like most of the ones I've seen have done.  I created it within an 8x10 frame, so it could be hung on the wall...
high enough so they can't reach it.  So it's next to their closet door, awaiting it's first use.
When the time does come, I can take it down, so Luke can easily place his First Tooth in the Tooth Tote, and then anxiously await the Tooth Fairy's arrival with rewards and treats.  

Go Here to see some other really Great Ideas for this Magical little Project for your little one's Right of Passage to Childhood.

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Stacy said...

This is really nice! I love that you framed it and it can open up. Nice work!

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