Friday, March 2, 2012


Since moving into our new house last month, I have HATED the fact that there is no light over the kitchen sink. I'm old (well, older). I need light to see what I'm doing. But a few months ago, while perusing Pinterest, there were a few things I had pinned that could help with this lighting problem.

So, after seeing this for Inspiration and then this tutorial, I was determined to make my own.
I didn't really follow the tutorial, since I was using a new jar, but I got the gist of it. I cut a hole in the lid with a box cutter, after punching a bunch of holes with a nail. Then I used a light kit that I had from Ikea.
I found the plant holder at a flea market. I had hoped to find an old rusty one, but this works just fine.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! And, it provides a TON of lighting for me when I am working at the sink.

So Easy! So Cheap! So Cute! So Functional!!


April said...

I really love this Kristol, thanks for the inspiration my friend!

Unknown said...

So cool! I've been thinking about the same and now I might just go ahead with it :)

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