Saturday, September 25, 2010


Check out these TOALLY cute bracelets I made last night in about 30 minutes. I found the inspiration for them here. If you can sew a straight line and tie a knot, you can make these Fun Chunky Bracelets.
From all the purses I've been making for my Etsy Shop, I have quite a bit of scrap fabric. For this project, you need a strip of fabric that's about 4" x 30". I honestly don't know what size strips I used for these three... I didn't measure them out, but when I was done with the brown and blue ones there was still about 7-8" I cut off. You also need 4-7 1" wood beads. The green and blue bracelets have 6 beads each. The brown one has 5 beads - the fabric must have been a little thicker, so the knots between the beads were bigger.
(wow, my hands are looking old!
shout out to my hubs... that's the ring he bought me
for our 5yr. Anniversary)

I'm also on a mission to find something less expensive then the 1" wood beads. For a pack of 19 it was $3.49 (I think) at Joann's. I'm wondering if I can find a big pack of rubber bouncy balls at a party supply store. They would work just as well, and will hopefully be cheaper.

So if your feeling crafty this weekend, give these a try. Go to my inspiration for the full tutorial.

I'm linking up here. Go there to check out all the other awesome ideas.
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Jami said...

These are really cute and the possibilities would be endless!

Heidi said...

I have a few necklaces made a very similar way using marbles and pony beads in should give it a try.

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