Monday, September 7, 2015


Since we've moved into this house almost three years ago, we've had a couple of different set ups in the middle of our Eat In Kitchen.  The first being a simple table, the second being this...

A 30" x 60" stainless steel restaurant table.  

Then my husband's friend helped him acquire a 7' stainless steel table with a nice deep sink in the middle of it.  See, nice and deep!

The table came with a built in stainless backsplash, which made it a little awkward to sit at, so we decided to build a nice overhang.  I didn't think we needed the overhang to run the entire 7' length, so we added some shelving at the end.  Here it is after being built, but before it was finished.

And here's the finished product.  We used a transparent gray stain, and polyurethaned the top so it would hold up to being used as a breakfast bar by my two little guys.

This project was completed last October.  It's now September of 2015, and the sink has never been hooked up.  UGH!

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