Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I found this recipe a LOOOOONGGG time ago over at Six Sisters Stuff, and knew that someday I would try to make these for my boys, who LOOOOOOVE Gummy Snacks.

After getting lucky, a few months ago, at my son's pre-school's yard sale, and finding a Mold tray for just One Penny, I knew I was one step closer to getting these made.  Then this morning, during a routine trip to Walmart, I finally got the supplies - today would be the day!!

The supplies you need are some flavored gelatin and some unflavored gelatin.  
At Walmart, the Knox was $1.48 for (4)/.25oz packets, and the Jell-O was $.74 for a 3oz. box.  So all told, because I got two flavors - I spent just under $3.00.

Following the recipe from the above stated blog, this is how easy it is...

(1) 3oz. box of Flavored Gelatin
(2) .25oz packets of Unflavored Gelatin
1/3 C water.

Sprinkle all the gelatin over the water in a small saucepan.
Heat over medium heat and stir until all powder is completely dissolved.
Pour into molds
Let sit for at least 20 minutes. 
     When I checked them at twenty minutes, they were solid enough, but had a weird 
     texture when I tasted them.  I think I ended up letting them sit for a little over an 
     hour - by that time, they were the Perfect Gummy texture.

This is the Mold tray that I scored at the yard sale.  From the original blog, she said that they can be found at Walmart and craft stores.  I don't know if they're Jell-O brand, but anything with a small shaped mold would work.

For $3, I got (70), slightly larger than a jelly bean, Gummy snacks.  Not sure if that's
a savings or not, but they sure were easy to make.

 I'm sure we will be making a lot of these, in all different flavors, this summer.

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SHARITA said...

I've just discovered your blog... and I'm alread in love with it!!! A huge congratulations and tons of thanks from a Spanish teacher!!!

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