Sunday, September 30, 2012


I was pretty excited to start decorating for Halloween this year.  I don't know why, but it never got done last year.  But now that we're in a new house, and I have more surfaces to decorate, I was going to go at it, all Gung Ho.  If you don't understand what I am talking about, see my post from two years ago, when I only had ONE flat surface upon which to decorate.

First was the mantle.  Pretty much everything on it is new... all thanks to the Dollar General and the Dollar Tree.

I got the cute Spider Cupcake Liners at the Dollar Tree.  I had been wanting to make a cupcake banner, so... there you go.

Don't you just LOVE the black glitter Skull?  I do!!!  I got him at the the Dollar General.  I wish I would have bought two.  Same thing with the cute Candelabra - I wish I would have gotten two.  I found it at the Dollar Tree along with the black Crows.
Even though I didn't decorate last year, I did buy things to do so.  Case in point, the glittered Spooky Tree.  Unfortunately, being a year ago, I don't remember where I got it -   probably Jo-Ann's.
So there's my Halloween mantle...

Next was my Entry table.  I had this idea of somehow displaying photos of our family from Halloween's Past.  So I hung them from a branch...
On the mirror behind the branch, I hung some "Ghost" lights.  I had seen this idea a few years ago (long before Pinterest), and knowing I had everything already on hand to make them, I knew my boys would love it.

And that's my Entry table.

A little project that I had seen (also before Pinterest) was one I really want to complete this Spooky season.  My Googly Eye Frame.  I found the unfinished square frame at Walmart for $.97, and the Googly eyes at the Dollar Tree.  I think I used about two bags.

As my neighbor called it... Headcheese - since I have skulls under a cheese cloche. I bought the skulls last year (again, have no clue as to where).  I like how they look on   my little glass cake stand that I made back in the spring.  The big scary spider came from the Dollar General.

And like from the first Halloween vignette I did a couple of years ago, I have my tiny skeletons hanging from a branch, and my "BOO" sign.


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