Monday, July 9, 2012


At the end of this month, my children and I are traveling (via airplane) to New Mexico to visit my parents.  In order to entertain my boys while on the plane, I plan to show them a movie on my laptop.  Now I know, I could just take a portable DVD player (which would be smaller). But on this trip, I plan on taking LOTS of pictures, so I will need my laptop in order to edit them... because, with my Editing Addiction, there is just no way I could wait until I got back home to edit.

So... I don't want to have to carry my huge computer bag (along with a camera bag, a carry-on, two small children, their backpacks, and an umbrella stroller).  I decided I would make a little protective pouch for the laptop, that I can just slide into my carry-on.  

I knew I probably didn't have enough of one single fabric to construct the entire thing (at least not one that I Loved), but I knew I had TONS of scraps that I Loved, left over from all the purses I made last year for my (now defunct) Etsy shop and my booth at our local Farmer's Market.

After going through all my scraps, and doing a little math, I determined that I needed (44) 3.25" X 4.5" rectangles to construct what I had in mind.  This is what I came up with...

a 9.75" X 14.25" X 1.25" pouch with a fold over flap.  The entire thing is padded with interfacing, and the inside is lined with soft white felt.

I started going through my fabric stash yesterday morning, while doing some laundry, with no intention on working on a project that day.  But as I started pulling the fabrics I loved, figuring out how to construct it, and realizing I already had everything I needed, I just couldn't stop myself.  Before I knew it (by dinnertime), it was done.

So Cute, So Fun, So Colorful, So Funtional, and best of all... SO FREE!!


Brandee Shafer said...

I LOVE it! Especially the crazy daisies on gray at the top of the fold-over piece.

April said...

Very pretty!! How did I miss this post so long ago?? LOL

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