Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As I've been "practicing" my portrait photography, I've been posting the pics on Facebook. At some point, a childhood friend commented on a particular picture saying... "I wish you could practice here". "Here" being my home town. When I knew I would be going home for my class reunion, I contacted her to see if she would be interested in doing a family session with me. And boy was she!!!

This is my friend, Sharri. We've known each other since I was in the first grade and she in the third.
Funny story on how we first met... our mothers arranged a play date (did they even call it that back in the mid-seventies?). All Sharri had to do was walk up the street to our house - maybe 100 yds. But on the way... she got attacked by a dog. So she shows up at our house, having never met me or my mother, pounding on the door, crying and bleeding. Poor little thing. Regardless of that horrific first meeting, we still became fast friends.
I'm sure you're wondering about the "tunnel". This drainage culvert runs under the road behind Sharri's house. When we were kids, we LIVED in that tunnel, catching crawdads and tadpoles. The most fun thing to do in there, was run up and down the length of the tunnel, trying not to slip and fall in the creek and get wet. As soon as I scheduled this session, I knew I wanted to take a picture of her family in the tunnel. Little did I know her family are "City" folks. Getting them into the tunnel was HIL.AR.I.OUS!!!

But I was able to capture this great shot of Sharri's children, Kassie and Tyler. I'm sure every time she looks at this picture, it will bring back great memories from her childhood.

Now on to the rest of the session....

Another great shot of the kiddos.

Sharri and her husband of 23 years, Matt.

And of course some Great family shots...

I So need to get more creative with my group posing.

With all my clients, I provide a CD of about 15-25 edited photos from their session. Tomorrow, I will be mailing Sharri hers.

Thank You Sharri, Matt, Kassie and Tyler for a Fun night and a Great family session.

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sherbert said...

Thanks Kristi.....We love the pictures and had so much fun that evening. You are great and very talented!! Thanks so much for coming to Indiana to take my family pictures!!

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