Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well, I totally missed Teacher Appreciation Week - actually, I didn't even know it was Teacher Appreciation week, until the end of the week. At that point, it finally clicked after seeing all the cute projects while visiting linky parties... DUH!!


I knew I wanted to do something for Luke's teachers, and when I saw this project by Christian over at Tolen Family Fun, I knew I had found the perfect thing (I seem to be using that particular phrasing quite often - sorry)!

I just love thow they look like they're made out of sheets of paper.
They have a snappy top closure which is made possible by using 6" pieces of a 3/4" metal tape measure - totally ingenious.
I thought these were going to be Easy Peasy until I got to the very last step - closing up the ends at the top where the tape measure pieces have been slid in. What a PAIN IN THE PATUKIS!! If I'm ever going to make any more of these, I've. got. to. come. up. with a different way.

So to Miss Angie, Miss Irene, and Miss Susan - sorry I missed Teacher Appreciation Week, but I'm giving you these, on the last day of school next week, as a much deserved Thank You for being Luke's teachers.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your link with me. I will post a link to yours on my blog. I agree the closing is an issue and as I've made more of these bags, I've adjusted it to make it easier. I will update the tutorial with the tricks I've discovered along the way. Thanks again for sharing your link with me.

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