Sunday, January 16, 2011


Who'd a thought a skein of brown yarn would give me 15 minutes of Fame?

Remember this from Halloween?
Well, this yarn wig made it into the pages of a magazine.

The February issue of Family Fun.
The October issue of the Family Fun magazine is where I got the tutorial for the basics on how to make yarn wigs. The wig for Princess Leia wasn't actually one they showed how to do, nor were they being shown to be made for adults. But I figured if I followed the basics, I could modify it for an adult, and whip up the Cinnamon Bun hairstyle made famous by the Star Wars Heroine.

The magazine always has a section where they feature photos sent in by readers, that show something that was made from one of the magazines how-to projects.

I didn't actually send in a photo, but instead, was contacted by the editor of this "Feature" section, who had found my earlier post about our Halloween costumes while surfing the internet. How freakin' cool is that?

So the Faucheux Family is Family Fun Famous!!!!

May the Force (still) Be With You!!


Jaimee said...

Awesome!!! Your project, and that pic of all of you in your costumes, was totally worthy of making the cut : ) Congrats!

Brooke Anna said...

I JUST READ IT THIS AFTERNOON! I told my fiance' I KNEW I followed "that lady" in the picture. HE told me I was crazy. BUT IM NOT! YAY hehehe

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