Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A few times this past summer, I helped out a friend and watched her boys.  The first time they came over, I planned a fun little craft that I knew would appeal to their ALL BOY personalities... SLIME

The ingredients are pretty simple - glue, Borax, food coloring and water - and glitter if you want a little extra sparkle.

Go here to see exactly what you need to do...

This time that we made it, I used white glue rather than clear glue.  Wasn't very fond of the color when it was all done.  We did make it one other time over the summer, and that time I made sure to get clear glue.  That time however, even though it looked better, I must have done something a little off in the recipe, because the texture and consistency of it felt different.

But honestly, all the little crafters could care less - they LOVED making it, and playing with after.

Definitely a HUGE HIT at our house!!!!

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