Thursday, August 19, 2010


I originally posted this project on my other blog back in January.

In the Summer of '06, I worked on the following project. It was my last, before the pitter-patter of little feet could be heard.

Could you tell it was miniature before you saw the last picture?

I'm linking up here.

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The Autocrat: Haley said...

You totally tricked me!! I went back and looked at the pics a second time, I could tell then but definitly not the first! LOL So cute!

Peek at My Paper said...

You are so funny.

alissa said...

Wow - that's adorable! And you had me fooled until that last picture!

Robyn said...

That's crazy! I thought you had photo shopped the last picture cause I couldn't believe it, so much detail. Too cute!

Bec said...

Definitely didn't know until you said something. This is too cool!!! I hope you have a daughter because she would have one rockin' doll house with you at the helm :)

josh healy said...

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Staci K. said...

you got me! I was thinking "what a great wall treatment, that must have taken forever to paint" LOL!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

You punked me. I was drawn in by that fascinating thumbnail and I was thinking,"But I want to see more of the laundry room. I want to see the walls." Cute project. Still would like to see your laundry room. :)

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