Tuesday, January 28, 2014


DING!!! That's the sound of the light that went off in my head a few weeks ago - Inspiration had hit.

I was surfing through Facebook, when I saw a photo on a Photographer's page that I follow.  It was of a little boy wearing a cute shirt that looked something like this...

I thought... "I can do that!"  And I knew exactly how I would do it.

Since this past summer, I had really been wanting to do a Sandpaper/Crayon transfer (go here to see how to do it for yourself).  I had wanted to do it as a craft project with the boys, but it just never happened.  So when I saw that photo, I knew I had found the perfect reason to finally do it.  Reason being, the boys NEED a cute shirt to wear to school for Valentine's Day - and anything you find it stores are for girls.

I had just bought some sandpaper for my husband's hand sander, and I had plenty of black craft felt, aaannnddd, the boys already had a shirt I could use.  So in reality, this project cost me nothing!!  Best kind of project.

I just love them - the shirts and the boys! LOL!

Now they're all ready to be little Heartbreakers on Valentine's Day.  And I'm sorry, but aren't my little men so handsome?

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