Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As the post title states, I FINALLY got Photoshop... YEAH!!!!! I still have A LOT to learn, but after following a few on-line tutorials at The Pioneer Woman, using my "Photoshop for Dummies" book, and having a little learning session with my photography mentor, Denise Feagans, I felt somewhat confident that I could take on a client. And what better client than my oldest son Luke, who turned 4 last month.

Here's my photo session with him. We started at the Town Hall building, because of the stone and the red doors, and then went to my husband's Hunt Camp for a beautiful nature backdrop.
This next one has been a favorite of everyone who's seen it on FB, and I think it's one of my favs too. Just love the red door with his shirt.

I think this next one is my all time Favorite. I just LOVE his eyes. And don't you just love the band-aid? We had a little argument about it before we left because I wanted him to take it off - I didn't want it in the shots. But he insisted he still needed it for a week old Boo-Boo. I eventually gave in, figuring I could eliminate it during editing. But once I started the editing process, I decided to leave it alone because that's what he is all about at this age.
Luke did really well!! He's a great little Model. However, he is a REAL stinker when it comes to getting him to actually "Look" at the camera. Out of the approximately 150 shots I took, the 8 or 9 above shots were the only ones where he "Looked" at the camera.

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