Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I know, I know, you're asking what happened to Days Six and Seven. Well, I've tucked those assignments away for later. Day Six was to capture "Who They Love" and Day Seven was to capture "Generations". Since we have no family nearby, those two will have to wait

Now on to Day Eight...

"Gift from the Heart"

Well, my husband has given me Many wonderful gifts, including the most precious - the gift of becoming a Mother, but for this prompt, I decided to feature the first gift he ever gave me.

When we first met, almost eight years ago, I was living in Tucson, and he was here in Virginia. We actually met in Iowa at a business training seminar, and basically, it was Love at First Sight. Just like out of a movie. The first time I flew to the East Coast to see him, was 4th of July Weekend, and we planned to spend it walking around DC and visiting all the Museums. I guess he wanted me to be comfortable for our two days of sightseeing, because he gave me these...

Last year ('09) for Christmas, he gave me a new pair and told me I could get rid of those old ratty ones. I told him "NO WAY". First of all, they're not ratty, and second of all, I will never part with the first gift he ever gave me. Out of the kindness and generosity of his heart, we wanted to ensure my comfort.

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