Thursday, March 17, 2011


So yesterday, around lunchtime, I decided that my little boys needed something to wear today for St. Patrick's Day. I know, I know, nothing like waiting 'til the last minute. But seriously, if they're only going to wear one day, does it matter when it's made as long as it's ready for the occasion?

Over the weekend, I discovered the Cricut "Lite" cartridges that Walmart carries for only $39. I found one that has images for pretty much ALL the holidays. YAY!!

Anyway, there were a few images for St. Pat's Day, so while the boys napped, I cut one of them out on copy paper. Modified it a little (because it was actually two shamrocks together), used it as a template, and then cut the shape out of green craft felt.
I used fabric glue to hold them in place on the white under-shirts while I loosely stitched around the perimeters with embroidery floss in a contrasting color.
I don't know how well the craft felt will wash, but again, it's only for one day, so if it fades or the color runs... oh well, they looked cute for these pics.

Of course, today was the day that my oldest decided to have an opinion about what he wanted to wear, and he did not want to wear this shirt. Therefore, bribing ensued.


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  1. This is adorable! I made my boys Thanksgiving shirts out of craft felt and they held up pretty good after a couple of washing.

  2. That is super cute! Great job especially since it was a last minute project! Thanks for linking up!